Why Visit?

The most Famous and Influential Brand
The best and most experienced platform, the most active popularity, and good social repercussions.

Large-Scale and High-Quality.
Money Fair 2016 attracted over 185 global leading finance companies, ranging from banking, insurance, mutual funds, securities, futures, trust, foreign exchange, precious metals and independent finance advisers, to introduce their products and service for more than 85,500 institutional and personal investors. The exhibition area over 20000 ㎡

Advantage of exhibition hall
Shanghai Exhibition Center is in the centre of Shanghai which is very convenient for transportation. Lots of both domestic and international important shows took place here. And be an important role for government tasks as well.

Professional Organize Institution
More than 20 years experience in organizing kinds of exhibitions and also has the innovation idea and rich industry source.

Popular Public Event
Gather famous domestic Medias, high popularity

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